senketsu + love and protection

requested by blume-edelweiss

lmao victus is boring and so am i and so are the rest of my cookie cutter amporas fucking bye

i need to write a list of ppl i like for reference

  • bee
  • bee i love bee 
  • skitty
  • lulu
  • ange
  • ellen
  • danni
  • jash
  • poi
  • GB


friendly reminder that rose is a fucking nerd

im the biggest fucking nerd 

dont trust any text post thats starts with “friendly reminder _______” because lately it’s all trolling


this is really happening


tried to channel those wide-eyed, knowing glances from cascade

when marnie was there new ghibli movie

people asking others to stop being idiots and appreciate the “”“”“”“”“”“””great budding relationship”“”“”“”“”“”’ between marnie and anna like that trailer wasnt blatant fucking queerbaiting ok bye 

enekokoro replied to your post:
i’ve participated in both and tbh i think i still participate in both

flops on my side please stop me if im ever awful

marnie is the ghost of the protagonist’s dead grandmother

i thought we’d finally get a nice story about nice girls in love holy shit im so fucking pissed off